I prefer the word 'humanity' to religion: Director Majid Majidi on controversial film

InterviewThe acclaimed Iranian filmmaker, who is jury head at the International Film Festival of Kerala, talks to Tnm about the festival, his movies and life.CrisThe conference room door opens unexpectedly and Majid Majidi walks out. Not hurriedly but with calm, easy steps. Something had gone wrong in an interview, some guess. Perhaps the famous Iranian director didn’t like a question, whispered one. A team goes after him in the lobby of Hotel Taj in Thiruvananthapuram and he comes back, looking as cool as ever, waiting for a question. Majidi says he is tired watching movies at the ongoing International Film Festival of Kerala 2018. He is jury head of competition films and there are 14 of them. He likes watching them, he likes how the festival is organised, he says. But so far he has not been able to spot the crowd that the Iffk is known for, he says.

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