Top of the Class – Greatest Movie Schools

Academic institutions are often said to be the making of us. Whether it is the rough and tumble of Grange Hill, the magic of Hogwarts, the threat of Oates Military Academy in Bill & Ted or to ponder on the Theory of everything with the promise of an Oxford Summer School, school life is ripe for the dramatic narrative. Many writers and directors have plundered the chaos and camaraderie of their school days for inspiration and, as most of us have our own early years’ education to compare, they will remain a popular choice for filmmakers.

To register our interest in this subject we aim to take a tour of some of the finest cinematic campuses. Though we’ll be holding our fists airward in solidarity with the American high schools of Ferris Bueller, The Breakfast Club, Ridgemont High and so on, we aim to take a look at those closer to home.

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