Vikings Season 5 Episode 13 Review: A New God

Vikings gets religion as Ivar proclaims himself a god while Ubbe and Torvi accept Alfred's offer to become Christians.


This Vikings review contains spoilers.

Vikings Season 5 Episode 13

“We are all at the mercy of circumstances beyond our control.”

It’s time for something momentous to happen on Vikings, and tonight’s episode carefully arranges its character pieces, setting into motion potential game changing scenarios in Wessex, Kattegat, and Iceland. And in the aftermath of last week’s brutal murders of Cuthred and Margrethe, “A New God” presents one ruler making the best of a difficult situation while another begins a further descent into darkness.

Scandinavian kings did not retain power by being perceived as weak, and though his father Ragnar could be excruciatingly ruthless, Ivar the Boneless begins his reign taking fear and intimidation to another level. With his new bride channeling her inner Yoko Ono, Ivar begins to

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