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‘Trauma’ DVD Review

Stars: Catalina Martin, Macarena Carrere, Ximena del Solar, Dominga Bofill, Daniel Antivilo, Eduardo Paxeco, Felipe Ríos, Claudio Riveros, Florencia Heredia | Written and Directed by Lucio A. Rojas

I was lucky enough to watch a debut screening of Trauma at the inaugural Soho Horror Film festival, where the crowd were already hyped for this harrowing, messed up piece, and it did not disappoint. Fair comparisons can be made to the likes of A Serbian Film, Martyrs and Hate Crime, relentlessly uncomfortable and chilling in its execution.

When a party of four female friends head to a cabin in rural Chile, stumbling along the hostile locals along the way, they soon learn that their modern, independent ways are not welcome. After settling into their home for the weekend, they are set upon by a maniac Father and Son duo, and subjected to a life changing evening, forever scarring them. Escaping the clutches of the pair,

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