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Ten of the Strangest Disney Live-Action Films You Probably Forgot About

Disney has a long and varied history of live-action films. This is a look at some of the most bizarre you would not have expected to have been produced by the Walt Disney Company.

When you think of Disney movies, what comes to mind are beloved tales meant to entertain both adults and children. They can be epic fairytales brought to life, artistic animated films full of beloved characters, or fun-loving adventure films. In the live-action realm, Disney has made a habit of adapting real-life stories from American history to the big screen, or else making films which feature animals, wacky professors, or flying nannies.

The films this article covers are not like this at all. They are Disney live-action movies, but they defy our expectations of what a Disney live-action movie should be. Some of them are ambitious, pushing outside the envelope, and should be applauded. Others are hairbrained

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