Q&A: Writer/Director Justin McConnell on the Cinematic Influences and Pivotal Practical Effects Scene in Lifechanger

A deadly shapeshifter takes what it means to be human away from his victims in the new movie Lifechanger, and with the new horror thriller coming out soon in the Us from Uncork'd Entertainment and in Canada from Raven Banner, Daily Dead caught up with writer/director Justin McConnell for our latest Q&A feature to discuss the movie's inception in 2014, the cinematic influences pulsating in the movie's DNA, and the massive practical effects scene that took the combined efforts of 10 people to pull off.

Thanks for taking the time to catch up with us, and congratulations on your latest film, Lifechanger. When and how did you originally come up with the idea for this movie?

Justin McConnell: In 2014 I was getting frustrated with not being able to get a couple of larger films—The Eternal and Tripped—made. So I started brainstorming an idea that could be done on a very limited budget.

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