Malayalam short film ‘Midnight Run’ is about two men, a truck and the power of fear

FilmThe 14-minute short film directed by Remya Raj features Dileesh Pothan and Chethan Jayalal, with most of the story happening in a truck.CrisDileesh Pothan in 'Midnight Run'In June this year, Remya Raj watched the Nila theatre in Thiruvananthapuram becoming packed, all the way to the gigantic brown door. It’s doubtful she found a space to stand within the crowded theatre that was screening a 14-minute film called Midnight Run. Her film. She was then a tense first-timer, something like ecstasy filling her as she watched the mad rush. By December, her film is a few festivals old, last shown in the non-feature film section of Indian Panorama at the International Film Festival of India. “It is now selected for a competition in a festival in China,” she says. The film features actor-director Dileesh Pothan and young Chethan Jayalal. It’s the two of them and a truck mostly.

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