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Blu-ray Review – When a Stranger Calls – Limited Edition Box Set

When a Stranger Calls – Limited Edition Box Set

Directed by Fred Walton.

Starring Carol Kane, Charles Durning, Rutanya Alda, Charles Durning, Tony Beckley, Gene Lythgow, and Jill Schoelen.


Limited edition Blu-ray box set featuring the original 1979 When a Stranger Calls and its 1993 sequel.

This year in the horror genre it’s all been about Halloween and Jamie Lee Curtis reprising her role as Laurie Strode, the intended target of a killer with no real motive other than his own impulses, in a belated sequel that tweaks a few details but basically tells a similar story. That’s all well and good but Halloween 2018 returning to the well comes 25 years after When a Stranger Calls Back did the same thing to its source material, 1979s When a Stranger Calls, a suspense thriller with slasher tropes that came a year after John Carpenter’s original babysitter stalker and five years after Black Christmas,

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