Voltron Season 8 Finale: Ending Explained

Shamus Kelley Dec 19, 2018

What does Voltron Season 8’s ending mean for the fate of its characters and the Voltron franchise?

Just in case the title wasn’t clear enough, this article spoils everything in Voltron season 8.

And so it ends. After an incredible eight season run Voltron took its final bow with an ending that will have fans talking for years to come. But uh, what exactly happened in that finale? Emotions were running so high with Allura’s sacrifice it was a little difficult to tell who ended up where. Fear not, we’ve got you covered.

Did Allura Die?

Phew, okay. This is the biggest one so let’s tackle it head on. At the climax of the final battle with Haggar/Honerva, the Paladins and her were teleported into the collected consciousness of all existence. Yes, you read that right.

At that point she’d already destroyed most of existence,

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