Tides Review

In his new film Tides, director Tupaq Felber offers a beautifully well observed, expertly acted and hugely understated account about a group of friends trying to navigate their relationships and middle age after a recent loss. Written by Felber in a collaborative effort with his cast, Tides tells a simple story with a great deal of honesty and realism, even if it is ultimately let down by a decidedly meandering narrative and dialogue which doesn’t always manage to hit the right notes.

Over a hot summer weekend, a group of forty-somethings embark on an adventure onboard a narrowboat navigated by recently bereaved Jon (Jon Foster). Loaded with with booze, food and other recreational paraphernalia, Jon is joined by overly talkative actress Red (Robyn Isaac), the quietly reflective Zooby (Jamie Zubairi) and acerbic Simon (Simon Meacock), who swiftly revert to their playful youth. After a few drinks and a series of harmless jibes and insults,

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