Listen to Writer/Director David Steiman Discuss His Christmas Horror Comedy Santa’S Slay on a New Episode of Corpse Club

As listeners of Corpse Club and readers of Daily Dead may know, Heather Wixson is a passionate fan of the 2005 horror comedy Santa's Slay, and she shared her love of the film in a Deadly Pleasures column back in 2015. Several years later, Heather now has the great pleasure of being joined by Santa's Slay writer/director David Steiman on a new episode of Daily Dead's podcast!

It doesn't matter whether you've been naughty or nice, because when Santa Claus is actually a demon that just finished serving a 1,000-year sentence delivering presents, everyone better watch out in the 2005 holiday horror comedy Santa's Slay. Starring professional wrestler and actor Bill Goldberg in the titular role, Santa's Slay is a gift cherished by some horror fans while still waiting to be unwrapped by others. To help shine a festive light on the film, Corpse Club co-host Heather Wixson is joined by special guest David Steiman,

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