Festivus “Airing Of Grievances” Highlighted By Sen. Rand Paul Waste Report

Once again, Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky is celebrating Festivus, the fictional non-commercial holiday popularized by TV’s Seinfeld and observed each year on Dec. 23. As required by tradition, Paul is doing an online “airing of grievances” about government waste.

Festivus, for the uninitated, is celebrated as a Christmas alternative. Created as part of the Seinfeld TV show by Frank Costanza (Jerry Stiller) as an answer to treacly holiday traditions, it features a Festivus pole without decorations, “Feats of Strength,” and a dinner, after which comes the annual “airing of grievances.”

The holiday was first featured in a 1997 Seinfeld episode titled The Strike, during which it was identified as “Festivus – a holiday for the rest of us.” The notion was quickly embraced by those non-traditionalists who shunned the commercial aspects of the formal Christmas holiday.

Senator Paul, one of the most unconventional Congressmen, quickly picked up on the theme,

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