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Another Alternate Ending For The Predator Featured Newt From Aliens

It certainly sounds like the cast and crew of The Predator had fun coming up with insane alternative endings for the film. What they originally wanted to do was conclude with the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Dutch Schaefer. But when Arnie wouldn’t play ball, they seem to have let their imaginations go wild.

Two days ago, we reported that the ending in which a Predator Killer suit was revealed could have actually featured a mysterious figure wearing a facehugger-style breathing mask (see the gallery below for an idea of how that would’ve looked), which would turn out to be Sigourney Weaver’s iconic hero Ellen Ripley. And if that wasn’t exciting enough for you, now we’ve got wind of another bonkers twist on the ending. This time, though, the person inside the suit wouldn’t have been Ripley but rather, Newt from Aliens.

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