Review: Then Came You is a vibrant look at friendship and romance set against poignant quirkiness and quiet despair

There are countless manipulative, saccharine-coated teen romancers that aimlessly bask in cliched conventions of youth-oriented stagnation and alienation. Thankfully, the new year of 2019 starts off on a decent note by offering a different kind of upbeat teen romance genre that has legitimate heart, wit, and gentle substantive pathos. In director Peter Hutchings's ("The Outcasts") quirky-minded yet solidly conceived dramedy Then Came You the sentiment is blatantly clear about living for the moment and valuing the little things that matter despite the size of the adversity. Then Came You does not necessarily break ground in its perception of youthful love and friendship but it manages to promote a genuine feeling of comfort and consciousness. Hutchings's nifty gem is a profound combination of amusement and sorrow set against a playful...

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