John Fink’s Top 10 Films of 2018

Reflecting on 2018 through the lens of its cinema proves to be an ironic feat – films that explored new ideas reflective of our culture premiered alongside a crop of “lost” or reimagined works and there was no shortage of cinematic treasures and landmarks. It was a year of exciting new work that provided a commentary on our current political conditions in various ways from Frederick Wiseman’s portrait of rural America Monrovia, Indiana to films that explored the nature of work and race such as Andrew Bujalski’s Support the Girls and Boots Riley’s timely Sorry to Bother You. When seen through the prism of film history, 2018 might be known as a year of rediscovery as it offered our first chance to see lost masterworks like The Other Side of the Wind and Amazing Grace alongside repurposed footage combined with recollections that made films like Shirkers and They Shall Not Grow Old such transcendent experiences.

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