Film Review: Once Upon A Time in China 3 (1993) by Tsui Hark

The adventures of Wong Fei-hung continue in Beijing this time, in the most personal film of the trilogy, as his father is introduced and plays a significant part in the narrative, and also the most impressive, in visual terms.

The reason for Wong’s return is Beijing is the Cantonese Ten Tigers Association, a meeting of the most significant fighters of South China, where Wong Kei-ying, his father, is also participating. During the time, Empress Dowager Cixi and Li Hongzhang decide to stage a lion dance competition to showcase Chinese martial arts and restore national pride. Interested parties from all over China are invited to participate and compete for the title of “Lion Dance King”. Upon his arrival in the capital, Fei-hung realizes that the various lion dance troupes have started to fight among themselves and even more, that that his father has been attacked by a wealthy rival martial artist,

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