Film Review: Ring 2 (1999) by Hideo Nakata

“Why were you the only one saved?”

Although this might sound like an exaggeration, but the way, especially Western audiences view Japanese, or indeed Asian horror fundamentally changed with Hideo Nakata’s “Ring” (1998). For a director who states he does not even like the genre that much, it must have been quite the surprise to suddenly be one of the first to start a wave of Japanese horror movies. Interestingly, films like “Ring”, “Ju-On” or “Pulse” may contain a fair share of outside influences, but overall their tone, their visuals and their general approach to the uncanny can be defined as distinctly Asian, or Japanese. It is precisely this kind of authenticity which labelled titles like the ones mentioned to be prime candidates for Hollywood-ized remakes, but also helped the works of many directors to find international distributors.

In the case of “Ring 2”, one of the first surprises for many

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