14 More Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 Possible Castmembers Leaked By Season 8 Winner Evel Dick

Happy Tuesday, fellow Big Brother fans. We're back at you again with another Celebrity Big Brother season 2 report. This one was spawned by the season 8 winner himself Evel Dick Donato! He's very active on his personal Twitter account, and yesterday January 7, 2019, he revealed a list that was sent to him that featured the CBS Celebrity Big Brother logo on it and a supposed cast list that featured a couple of other celebrities that were not mentioned in the previous leaked list we ran. This one has much bigger names on it. In Evel Dick's tweet he captioned the leaked list photo with the following words: "Don't know how legit this is, but I'm just gonna pass it on...One that is troubling is Dan Crenshaw. He was just elected & sworn in, first term. He's gonna leave responsibilities to get locked in a house for a month? So, seems fishy." You

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