Second Opinion – Rust Creek (2018)

Rust Creek. 2018.

Directed by Jen McGowan.

Starring Hermione Corfield, Micah Hauptman, Daniel R. Hill, Sean O’Bryan, Jay Paulson, and Jeremy Glazer.


An overachieving college student gets lost on her way to a job interview. A wrong turn leaves her stranded deep in the Kentucky forest. The woman must defend herself against the harsh elements and a band of ruthless outlaws. She is forced into an uneasy alliance with a strange loner who has unknown intentions.

“Rape revenge” is the murkiest of horror’s tangential offshoots when it comes to intent, portrayal, and execution. Granted, Jen McGowan’s Rust Creek avoids such classification/stigmatic label – but how quickly this review’s tone could have changed. An independent girl’s backwoods road trip features all the trappings of I Spit On Your Grave: Wrong Turn, Baby. Good thing Julie Lipson’s screenplay (story by Stu Pollard) is a smarter bear trap,

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