Vikings Season 5 Episode 17 Review: The Most Terrible Thing

The death continues, and even though no essential characters died on Vikings Season 5 Episode 17, Floki will still be affected by the most recent one. 

I'm still not entirely sure where the Iceland story is going, but I do feel bad for Floki. He envisioned so much for that settlement, and it's not going at all the way he hoped. 

He expected to be living among the gods, but so far there's only been violence and despair. 

Maybe it will get better for him soon. He's already suffered so much. Every time we think he's reached rock bottom, there seems to be another layer underneath. 

Alfred is awake, and surprisingly, Judith was honest with him about Aethelred. I expected she would be content to let him go on believing he died of natural causes, but she told him the truth. 

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I have to give

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