Patrik Syversen, Jesper Sundnes Talk ‘Kieler Street,’ Being Normal

“Kieler Street” begins with the aerial shot of sleepy small rural town Slusvik, on the Norway-Sweden border. The camera pans from a bright blue sky to a pine forest, then quaint slate gray houses nestling by a network of lakes. A guitar twangs placidly over the scene, as if a song is about to start up.

Cut, somewhat violently, interrupting song and general shot, to a car’s back wheel, then its driver, a man, Jonas, telling someone, talking into the car mirror, that he’s left his wallet behind. Except that there’s no one else in the car. Jonas is obviously practicing before telling someone a lie.

That contrast – surface soporific normality versus violence, deception – runs throughout the 10-part series. And violence soon, and increasingly, begins to win out.

The latest drama series from Anagram Norway and TV2, distributed by ITV Studios Global Entertainment, in “Kieler Street,” Thorborn Harr plays Jonas,

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