2018’s Roma Film Garners Five Eda Awards From Alliance of Women Film Journalists; Black Panther Awarded Best Ensemble Cast

The Alliance of Women Film Journalists is pleased to announce the winners of the 2018 Awfj Eda Awards. This year, Awfj presents Eda Awards in 25 categories, divided into three sections: the standard ‘Best Of’ section, the Female Focus awards and the irreverent Eda Special Mention awards—including Actress Most in Need of a New Agent and the Awfj Hall of Shame Award.

In the ‘Best Of’ section, this year’s big winner is “Roma”, garnering five Eda Awards for Best Film, Best Non-English Language Film, Best Cinematography, Best Editing and Best Director for Alfonso Cuaron.

The highly regarded “The Favourite” was honored in the “Best Of,” “Female Focus,” and “Eda Special Mention” categories with a total of four awards. The film’s star Olivia Colman was honored with the Best Actress and the Bravest Performance awards, while the film’s writer Deborah Davis received two wins for Best Screenplay Original (with

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