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‘One night-stand’ at a karaoke box. Interview with Shinya Tamada

‘Lust in a Karaoke Box’ – adapted from the writer-director’s own stage play, performed by his Tamada Kikaku theatre troupe, this is a story of a group of college students celebrating the election of their new leader at a karaoke box. Friendly and jocular at first, the gathering takes an unexpected turn when something happens, events become increasingly ridiculous. As the night wears on, the situation is transformed into a mire of betrayal and deceit. By the time morning comes, the students face the new day with some regrets. Taiga and Nijiro Murakami join the original cast to bring the film to the screen.

Shinya Tamada – affiliated with Seinendan theatre company before establishing Tamada Kikaku in 2012, for which he is the only writer and director. His stage plays are known for the odd atmosphere he creates with precise and realistic colloquial dialogue, and for his ability to transform the painful

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