“Adult Life Skills” Is A Charmingly Quirky Comedy

It has taken a while for Adult Life Skills to make its way to theaters. After debuting back in 2016 at the Tribeca Film Festival, it’s approaching the three year mark as the movie now hits cinemas. Often, a delay like that can be a sign of trouble. Luckily, that’s in no way the case here. This comedy/dramedy is a quirky character study/coming of age tale with a winning performance at its core. A showcase for talented women in front of and behind the camera, this is worth the wait. Coming out this week at long last, you folks will finally be able to see what I saw way back in 2016. The movie is a comedy with some occasionally heavier elements, all centered around a tale of arrested development. An adaptation of filmmaker Rachel Tunnard’s BAFTA nominated short film, it takes place in a rural English

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