‘Mope’ First Look: Sundance Movie About Real-Life Porn Murder Has Some Kick

Lucas Heyne’s feature directing debut Mope will have its world premiere later this month in the Midnight section of the Sundance Film Festival. Deadline has the first look at the movie co-written by Zack Newkirk and Heyne and produced by Parkside Pictures in association with Saxton Cinema & Uncooperative Pictures.

The drama is based on the true story of a real-life murder in 2010 at a San Fernando Valley porn company. That’s where Stephen Clancy Hill, a mope (slang for a wannabe porn star), who was living in the company’s warehouse at the time, went on a rampage with a sword when he was told he was fired. He eventually killed his friend and fellow mope Herbert Wong, who tried to intervene when Hill was attacking two others. Hill was killed in a standoff with police five days later.

Mope is the tragic true story of the best friends

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