Roswell, New Mexico Episode 1 Review: Pilot

Roswell, New Mexico is largely a carbon copy of the original, and full of faces you'll recognize.

This Roswell, New Mexico review contains spoilers.

Roswell, New Mexico Episode 1 Review

Roswell, New Mexico. It’s one of those places so iconic, so singularly famous for one specific thing that it doesn’t even warrant an explanation. Back in 1999, it was the show that launched the careers of Shiri Applebee, Katherine Heigl, Colin Hanks (not that he needed launching), and several other faces you know, even if their names are less familiar, like Nick Wechsler, Brendan Fehr, and Emilie de Ravin (Lost). And now, 20 years and a few changes later, it’s back.

Notably, Roswell, New Mexico isn’t a sequel to 1999’s Roswell. Even though everyone is roughly 10 years older, and the original show took place 10 years ago, these events--namely the inciting incidents of Liz’s death and revival and the

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