Riveting Teaser Scene for Impuratus is Already Stunning Film Audiences

By: Debra Wallace

Jody Quigley truly embodies the suspenseful characters that he portrays, and as a result, his latest horror movie, Impuratus, is no exception. In fact, he spent hours in a make-up chair where an expert make-up artist worked to turn him into a 90-year old man.

The 38-year-old actor, best known for the suspense thriller, Apparition, portrays two stages in the life of Daniel Glassman in Impuratus; a young Civil War soldier, and a much older version of the man on his deathbed grappling with demons.

The stunning Teaser/Promo/Scene for Impuratus — an actual scene from the movie — complete with haunting music and special effects, has already won more than 20 festival awards around the world.

Now, the producers are seeking to attain the funding needed for a green light on the production. With expert writing, a talented cast, high production values, and many twists and turns, Impuratus clearly leaves us wanting more…

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