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‘Trial & Error’: Season 3 Chances Are Slim But Producing Studio Remains “Open to Opportunity”

Crime comedy Trial & Error is still without a new home following the cancellation by NBC, and there are no current prospects for a third season. “We are open to an opportunity to continue the series, should one arise in the future,” producing studio Warner Bros. TV said in a statement.

When NBC opted not to pick up a third season last August, the rights reverted back to Wbtv. Since options on the series’ regular cast had not expired yet, Wbtv used the window to shop the show elsewhere, but without success. I hear the options of the cast have expired since then and, should the concept be revived in the future, new deals need to be made with actors, which makes a third season even more unlikely.

In the second season of Trial & Error, done in the spirit of true-crime documentaries, bright-eyed New York lawyer Josh Segal (Nicholas D

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