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‘Cat Sticks’ Trailer: Slamdance’s Only Indian Film Is an Evocative Look at Addiction

Ronny Sen’s feature filmmaking debut, “Cat Sticks,” arrives at this year’s Slamdance Film Festival with an eye-catching piece of trivia attached to it: it’s the only Indian film to play at the fest. Yet what will likely set Sen’s work apart is its evocative, eye-catching style and unique approach to dramatizing drug addiction. For the black-and-white film, Sen teamed up with Tanmay Dhanania, who both executive produced and starred in the feature, to help bring Sen’s own experiences to life.

Per the film’s official synopsis: “On a rainy night in Calcutta a group of desperate addicts chase brown sugar, but the permanent intoxication they seek proves elusive. ‘Cat Sticks’ weaves their stories into a chiaroscuro, traverses with them through states high and low, spaces real and unreal. A relentless downpour plays backdrop to lives balanced on a precarious high. Some of them seek a release,

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