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Horror-On-Sea 2019: ‘Camp Death III in 2D’ Review

Stars: Dave Peniuk, Angela Galanopoulos, Darren Andrichuk, Emma Docker, Chris Allen, Starlise Waschuk, Terry Mullett, Cynthia Chalmers, Gerald Varga, Hans Potter, Katherine Alpen, Jason Asuncion, Andrea Bang, Stephanie Bally, Léonie Armstrong | Written and Directed by Matt Frame

[Note: With the film screening as part of this years Horror-On-Sea Film Festival, here's a reposting of our review of the fantastically funny horror Camp Death III in 2D!]

Apparently shot on a budget of $35,000Cdn, Camp Death III in 2D is – at first glance – a terrible, low-budget pile of cinematic crud featuring some of the worst acting ever committed to celluloid. That is until you realise instead that the film in fact both a loving tribute to, and an over-the-top Troma-esque parody of, the slasher movie: in particular the Friday the 13th franchise. A parody that takes the idea of parodies to the [il]logical extreme!

Undoubtedly inspired by the outrageous cinematic stylings of Troma, Camp Death III in 2D follows a group of camp counselors and troubled youths, composed entirely of excruciating social stereotypes and slasher movie tropes, who are all

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