20 Legend Of Korra Characters Officially Ranked

The first episode of The Legend of Korra was released on April 14, 2012, a little over 7 years from when Avatar the Last Airbender was first released. Unlike its predecessor, The Legend of Korra was not about freeing the world from the Fire Nation or any specific overarching bad guy. In fact, The Legend of Korra (other than Korra’s own narrative) had no overarching conflict.

The Legend of Korra is separated into four books, each with their own main antagonist: Amon, Unalaq, Zaheer, and then Kuvira. In the fourth book, however, it is arguable that Korra’s true enemy was herself. Each of these enemies had a truth that could be found within Korra herself, letting the Avatar grow and mature with her battles and enemies.

Differentiating itself even more from Avatar the Last Airbender, the characters in the Legend of Korra are much more equal in their bending prowess. The

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