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Sundance Film Review: ‘Honey Boy’

“Stars — They’re Just Like Us!” That’s the ingenious header Us Weekly gives a section of otherwise worthless paparazzi shots depicting incognito celebrities shopping for groceries, feeding the meter, and otherwise spotted doing activities far too banal to merit publication. Certainly, when the very same stars let the public into their lives, as they do via talk-show interviews or Instagram posts, they’re careful to curate what they share, largely sparing fans the bits that might undermine the fantasy of being famous.

And then there’s Shia Labeouf, an incredibly gifted performer swept up by stardom who has pushed back on all the tabloid attention generated by his public intoxication, Ford-flipping accident, and so on. Since those incidents, Labeouf has made it a point to demystify his own celebrity, as when he attended the Berlin Film Festival wearing a paper bag over his head that read, “I Am Not Famous Anymore.

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