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Göteborg Festival Highlights the Rise of Nordic Comedy

“Focus: Nordic Comedy is a tribute to the contemporary Nordic comedy and an attempt to try to understand humor’s social and political role in today’s culture,” says Göteborg fest artistic director Jonas Holmberg. He admits that it was partially conceived as an antidote to the fest’s other focus on the Apocalypse. He says, “The Apocalypse was the first one we came up with. It really engaged us, but we were worried that it might seem too dark or too hopeless.”

He added: Then we realized that the last four out of five winners of the European Film Awards for best comedy came from the Nordic countries; that they were films whose success was not just in their home territories.”

It’s true. Nordic comedies are becoming as popular world-wide as Nordic noir. The Swedish film “A Man Called Ove,” adapted from the popular book by Fridrik Backman and directed by Hannes Holm,

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