It Came From The Tube: I, Desire (1982)

Another turn of the dial, another vampire tale for the folks at home; TV sure did like them bloodsuckers, and for good reason – it’s generally the same story that everyone knows, and you don’t really need more than some fake chompers. A few wrinkles to the tale certainly helps to be set apart, as does a strong creative presence; and when you do those things, you end up with something like I, Desire (1982), a fun little neck biter that’s different just enough to stand out.

Originally broadcast November 15th as part of The ABC Monday Night Movie, I, Desire had to use its wooden stakes on M*A*S*H and Newhart over on CBS, while NBC trotted out their Monday Night at the Movies. I’m pretty sure I would have begged my folks to watch the vampire flick over Hawkeye if I had been given the chance.


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