HeyUGuys at Sundance 2019: Day 2 Recap

Sundance 2019 hit its stride Friday with several big name premieres and stars littering the streets of Park City. HeyUGuys’ team of Nathan and Ty caught four films ranging from intense drama, to childhood throwbacks and a very very intense autobiographical film. Here’s their Take 3 of Sundance Day 2.

Ty’s Best Thing He Saw Today:

The best thing I saw today just so happens to be the best thing I’ve seen so far this year. Honey Boy isn’t just an autobiographical piece about the strained relationship between Shia Lebouf and his rodeo clown father, it is an intensely emotional and personal portrait of a man trying to exercise his demons the only way he’s ever known how; in front of an audience. With the support of a flawless cast and a director who knows how to step out of the way of her own narrative, Honey Boy

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