Shipwrecked is back – and it's the Love Island/Fyre festival mashup you need

The first true reality show has reinvented itself. Frankly, there’s never been a more apt moment to throw a bunch of attractive nitwits into a tropical hellscape

The return of Shipwrecked has come at the perfect time. Thanks to all the Fyre festival documentaries, there has never been a more apt moment to throw a bunch of gormlessly attractive nimrods into a tropical hellscape and make them fight each other for basic essentials. If producers were smart, they would re-edit tonight’s opening episode to include several clips of Ja Rule profoundly misunderstanding the concept of fraud. It would be a ratings winner. The whole world would watch.

Unfortunately, it looks as if Shipwrecked might have another target in its sights. Most of the publicity afforded to the show’s return – this is the first series in almost a decade – seems to heavily nod towards Love Island being a primary influence.

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