Benedict Cumberbatch’s Mom Had The Best Reaction To Him Being Cast As Sherlock

Even after all the great roles he’s taken since, for many people, Benedict Cumberbatch will always be Sherlock Holmes. It was the part that took him from ‘that actor with the weird British name’ to global megastardom, and launched the desires of millions of Cumberbitches all around the world. But while his performance in Sherlock is currently the standard by which contemporary takes on the role are judged, there’s one person who didn’t entirely approve of his casting.

In an interview with GQ, Cumberbatch explained that his own mom had a pretty funny reaction when he broke the news to her, telling the outlet the following:

“The first thing my mother said when I mentioned to her that I’d got the part was ‘You don’t have the right nose.’”

Now, I’ve had a second look at Cumberbatch’s schnozz and I don’t see anything particular un-Sherlocky about it,

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