That ’70s Show: 20 Things Wrong With Jackie We All Choose To Ignore

If you’ve ever met or known a petulant toddler with no filter who knows or at least, thinks that they’re just the greatest person ever – then you’ve met Jackie Burkhart from That '70s Show. Played by Mila Kunis for the entire run of the show, the character was easily one of the more popular, but at the same time polarizing characters on the show. That is in no small part thanks to Mila’s likeability as a person in real life.

On a sitcom, characters are always forced to be involved in one another’s lives, otherwise, there’s not a lot of situations for the series to explore. Despite being part of the basement crew, in any other world, Jackie is sitting at the “mean girls” table with the rest of the so-called popular girls’ club. But on That 70’s Show, she fit in (begrudgingly), with the rest of the crew.

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