The Gandhi Murder review – Vinnie Jones steps into Indian history

A conspiracy thriller focusing on Gandhi’s final days is hampered by questionable casting, comical back projections and terrible visual effects

Released to mark the anniversary of Gandhi’s assassination, this is frankly a bit eggy – indeed, we may not witness an eggier film all year. Karim Traïdia, the veteran Algerian director who earned a Golden Globe nomination for The Polish Bride (1998), has reappeared in India (or Sri Lanka passing for India) with a conspiracy thriller based on Mahatma’s final days (co-directed by Pankaj Sehgal).

It bears some resemblance to the UK’s own tuppenny-ha’penny costume-and-crime dramas, not least in the casting of Vinnie Jones as the senior British diplomat overseeing partition. (No wonder it all kicked off.) Still, it transpires that Jones – who barely features, and who gives his usual performance when he does – is only the film’s fifth or sixth unlikeliest element.

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