The Flash Has Cast One Of Sherloque Wells’ Ex-Wives

So far, this season of The Flash has seen Sherloque Wells prove to be a most valuable ally in the ongoing war with Cicada. Not only has his impressive intellect helped the team at Star Labs in a variety of situations, but he’s also getting to the bottom of whatever’s been going on with Nora West-Allen and Eobard Thawne.

While the latest Harrison Wells’ doppelganger we’ve met has thus far lived up to being the best detective in the multiverse, there’s one area in which he hasn’t had much luck – and that’s love. In fact, the guy has confessed to having been married seven times, two of which were to the same woman.

Well, those who’ve wanted to meet those lucky (?) ladies will soon get their chance when Kimberly Williams-Paisley debuts as Renee Adler during next week’s episode, “Goldfaced.” What’s also

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