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Netflix Orders ‘Team Kaylie’ Comedy Series Starring Bryana Salaz

Netflix has ordered 20 episodes of Team Kaylie, a new live action comedy series led by actress-singer Bryana Salaz, from Tracy Bitterolf (Emma Approved), and Pamela Eells O’Connell (Jessie Bunk’d), and her Bon Mot Productions. Production has begun on the series, which is directed by Bob Koherr.

Created by Bitterolf and developed and executive produced by O’Connell who also serves as showrunner, Team Kaylie stars Salaz as Kaylie Konrad, a rich, 19-year-old selfie obsessed celebrity who receives a community service court order to lead the wilderness club at an inner city middle school. When she is forced outside of her comfort zone in every possible way, she proves to her followers, the kids, and herself that she is more than just the pretty face her domineering mom-ager has always prized.

Over the course of the series, Kaylie and her Wilderness

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