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Sylvia Kay obituary

Stage and screen actor who played the snobbish mother Daphne in the BBC sitcom Just Good Friends

The actor Sylvia Kay, who has died aged 82, spent much of her career in television drama, but found her greatest fame as Daphne Warrender, the snobbish mother of the sophisticated Penny (played by Jan Francis) in the writer John Sullivan’s sitcom Just Good Friends, in which Penny is reunited with a former boyfriend, Vince Pinner (Paul Nicholas), five years after he stood her up at the altar.

Sniping between the social classes was a crucial ingredient of the humour in the programme, which ran from 1983 to 1986. Daphne and her husband, Norman (John Ringham), who regard Vince as a wideboy and refer to him as “Thing”, look down on Vince’s father, Les (Shaun Curry), a scrap dealer who drives his wife, Rita (Ann Lynn), around in a flashy car with rock’n’roll music booming out.

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