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Review: Reign of the Supermen

One of the smarter moves the DC Animated Universe did was begin to build interlocking storylines, characters, and voice artists. This has allowed them to build off previous events and let the status quo consistently evolve rather than feel static. (Amazing animation can do this far more easily and effectively than the film division.)

As a result, we are now emotionally invested in this incarnation of the classic heroes and villains, which allowed the redone Death of Superman film in 2018 work so well. This also paved the way for the sequel, Reign of the Supermen, which has received quite the promotional bump.

Out on home video today from Warner Home Entertainment, the 87-minute adventure rarely lets up and is more satisfying than previous installments. While it takes the name from the 1993 storylines that followed the Man of Steel’s death, it bears little resemblance. This is wholly set in the

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