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Russian Doll: If You're Googling Who This Actor Is, We're Disappointed in You

Netflix's latest buzzy show is Russian Doll, a dark comedy following Nadia, a woman stuck in a twisty Groundhog Day loop: she keeps reliving her 36th birthday party - and dying at the end of every loop. Star and creator Natasha Lyonne is a familiar face to Netflix viewers for her longtime role on Orange Is the New Black, and she's brought along a few other Oitnb alumni to join her on her own series. Among the familiar faces is "Beatrice," the girlfriend of Nadia's fellow time-loop victim Alan.

Beatrice is played by Dascha Polanco, who will most definitely be recognizable to fans of Orange Is the New Black. Since the flagship Netflix original comedy began in 2013, she has played inmate Daya Diaz. During the first two seasons, Polanco was a recurring character, but she was promoted to a series regular for the third season in 2015; she has kept this status ever since.

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