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New Us Trailer for Neolithic Survival Film 'Iceman' with Jürgen Vogel

"At first, the man was believed to be a hiker. Later, his stone age origins were revealed..." Film Movement has debuted a new official Us trailer for Iceman, a stone age survival thriller set in the snowy Ötztal Alps (located on Austria / Italy border). This premiered at the Locarno Film Festival in 2017, and we originally posted a trailer for it back then. This could be described as an early Neolithic man version of The Revenant, about one man who angrily seeks revenge but must first survive the brutal Ötztal Alps. Jürgen Vogel stars as Kelab, with the full cast including Susanne Wuest, André Hennicke, Violetta Schurawlow, Sabin Tambrea, Martin Schneider, and an appearance by Franco Nero. The film uses an early version of the Rhaetic language. This actually looks pretty damn good, with some epic footage and plenty of gnarly beards. Here's the new official Us trailer (+ another poster) for Felix Randau's Iceman,

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