Parry Shen Was Thrilled to Get the Autograph of General Hospital Co-Star Tristan Rogers!

Soap stars are just like us — sometimes they’re also big fans of the show and its actors! Case in point, General Hospital star Parry Shen (Brad) managed to get the autograph of a Port Charles legend that would have made his childhood self thrilled beyond belief. Heck, even as an adult it was pretty awesome! “I saw Tristan Rogers for the first time on Gh when I was eight years old during the Cassadine Island storyline,” Shen revealed on Instagram. “And I thought he was the coolest guy with the whole Aussie accent, holster, etc. And as soon as I learned his name, jotted it inside the cover of my Volume Three Charlie Brown ‘Cyclopedia. Well, guess who just signed it today, 37 years later?!” (Photo Credit: Instagram) Back in 1981, Rogers had only just arrived on Gh as Robert Scorpio, an international spy for the Wsb and found himself caught

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