Who Is Neil on General Hospital? — Meet Joe Flanigan!

If Neil on General Hospital looks familiar to you, it’s probably because you’ve seen his portrayer, Joe Flanigan, in one of his many primetime roles. This is his daytime debut as Neil finds himself getting mixed up with Alexis. Might the guy be just the thing to take Alexis’ mind off of Julian? Alexis was all riled up when she first met Neil at Charlie's Pub, ranting about an "arrogant bastard." She ranted about Julian for a long while, and he suggested she try to focus on herself and not her ex. Neil also suggested they continue their conversation over dinner, but she suggested that might not be the best idea given her current state. She excused herself to go to her appointment with a new therapist and was startled when it turned out to be Neil! Unfortunately, if he's going to be her new doctor, they would

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