Drive-In Dust Offs: Schizoid (1980)

While the easiest route to success post Halloween was to copy that particular formula, not everyone followed the slasher template; elements to be sure, but some films chose to borrow from their Italian brethren and dive into the giallo pool. Case in point: Schizoid (1980), an effective thriller that leans much more towards whodunit and shadowed menace.

Given a limited release by Cannon Films stateside in the fall, Schizoid was soon relegated to home video for Klaus Kinski Kinky Kompletists only and no one else, it seems. I saw it as an adolescent and took it as just an okay notch on the burgeoning horror belt; a revisit has shone a stronger light on its surprisingly potent themes of manipulation and toxic masculinity. That, and Klaus, of course.

After a quick opening scene of our heroine and reporter Julie (Marianna HillThe Baby) working on an article in her home at night,

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