Could the Avatar sequels break the wrong kind of box office record?

Tom Jolliffe looks at Avatar 2 and a distinct lack of excitement to return to James Cameron’s world…

You remember that film with blue characters in it? No, not The SmurfsAvatar. In 2009 it was the groundbreaking, visually dazzling CGI world which James Cameron created, whilst simultaneously revolutionising 3D technology (and beginning a five year fascination with 3D films which is slowly beginning to lose its lustre in the last five years). Whilst the film had its share of detractors it had a few fans.

The film grossed $2.79 billion worldwide. You could say that is an absolutely huge, almost mind boggling amount, and you’d be right. However, what it also is, is a bar. Avatar, all told was also one of the most long gestating and expensive projects ever greenlit. This was James Cameron’s long awaited follow up to Titanic, which was previously the highest grossing film ever.

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