It Came From The Tube: Deadly Messages (1985)

TV didn’t always upend the horror formula; but when they would add a couple of different colors to the mix, the result was usually at least interesting. Such is the case with Deadly Messages (1985), which throws the whole palette at the screen for a very messy, but entertaining distraction.

Originally broadcast February 21st as part of The ABC Thursday Night Movie, the telefilm could not have picked a worse night to premiere: in addition to CBS’ solid lineup of Magnum, P.I. and Simon & Simon, NBC had the biggest block on the air – The Cosby Show/Family Ties/Cheers/Night Court. Oh well. For the six other people not watching that, they were left with a goofy and breezy murder mystery come Ouija board spookfest.

Let’s pull apart our sun kissed faux TV Guide and see what the spirits have to say:

Deadly Messages

A woman being stalked

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